I am stress, I love my existence.

Your first white hair, that last week insomnia, those dark circles, persistent coughing, strained eyes, aches (from head to even your bum :p) and yeah the most important one — loss of desire or ability.

Now, these ain’t diseases or illness that gets you constitutional reasons for a paid holiday from work. They won’t keep you bedridden. That’s not my scene bro! I like it slow. Like, I am gonna enjoy the process of evicting you from planet earth, live with you for years, bug you every day, at times — every moment. Ensure your life is ‘fucked up’ as you quote regularly. After all, you love pursuing me no? I am stress, I love my existence.

Let’s per se think how I was born?

Adam and Eve were chilling by the river. They were so innocent until a serpent deceives Eve into eating a fruit from the forbidden tree, and she gives some of the fruit to Adam. These acts give them additional knowledge, but it gives them the ability to conjure negative and destructive concepts such as shame and evil. Bingo! the exact moment I was born.

In short, I was a reaction to something which they didn’t agree or something that was new to them and to which they didn’t agree. Point being, my existence is solely dependent on two factors: A feeling/entity you don’t like and/followed by your ‘reaction’.

Focus on that word mate — ‘reaction’. Trust me, I’ll be assassinated the moment people stop reacting on planet earth. I mean c’mon, you have genuine reactions to almost everything that exists around you. Right from your irritating morning alarm to that last video you scroll down your social media feed before sleeping. You react to everything. Some showcase their reactions, some prefer to keep it in their head (most vicious).

Now, you’d say reactions are even for good things? right? Correct. Now think about the last time you laughed your ass off, cried on a happy note and… and… and… and … ??????????

I can’t really think of any other reaction to good things. Why?

Because the association of reaction to negativity is so well defined in your world. 75% of times, if somebody tells you, ‘he/she reacted’ — a preconceived notion in your head says — This must be negative.

Now, let me not get into the biological angle to what happens within the body that initiates stress, that’s a complex process. If I explain you’d be stressed, now :p

But let me just brush you through some reality. Your entire mental ecosystem is built by you as per your perception of the world. You decide the good, the bad, the ugly, the right, the wrong, the brilliant, the idiotic, the creepy, the stunning, the recursive blah blah blah. You act like a computer with a set amount of data that you fit in your brain. And like a computer, you perceive a situation, compare that to one of those ideas in your head and spurt out a reaction. A benchmark in your head defines the world around you. Anything that doesn’t fall in line with what you know/think/smell/eat/see is WRONG. And when you’re forced to act/pursue/like/own/live with that entity you wish for my presence. For one moment, if you get into your cranium with an iron rod and break all those benchmark ideals within your database, do you release you’d almost be re-incarnated.

When you don’t know things or you take them as they are, you would never ever be stressed. The only reason you ever feel me is because somebody takes you away from your ideal thought which is always parked and stands corrected in your head. When the world doesn’t run your way, you don’t fight the world or accept that one way of functioning but you start analyzing things in your head which builds a chain reaction which by now you know does no good to you.

Anyways, all this would be a bouncer to you. And of course, this is not the first time you’re reading all this. It ain’t path-breaking #gyaan. But you know what, just read these paragraphs again for once, twice, thrice and you’d know how ignorant you all (including KK) are! I mean you know the root cause of why something happens to you. You know it’s killing you from within. You know the exact reason for when would it happen next.

But you’d live with me. Why? I don’t know.

After all, I am stress and I do not wish to love my existence.

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