I am boredom, I love my existence.

“I had a long day”, “I was stuck in traffic for ‘x’ hours”, “I am eating this since the last ‘x’ days”, “I am working on this since ‘x’ years”, “I’ve watched/felt/heard this ‘x’ times”, “I am dealing with him/her since eternity”, “I am with him/her since ‘x’ days/months/years”, “I have to attend ‘x’ for the ’n’th time”, “I don’t know, I just feel blank!”, “You know, just one of those days…”

All the above jargons are the penultimate statements to the following line,

“I am bored!”

After Charles Dickens for the first time invented/defined me in his 1853 classic ‘Bleak House’, the frequency with which I inhibit your life can never ever be accounted for by you. Just think for a minute the number of times you’ve felt me in your earthly existence? I am sure you wouldn’t have a count. And if you do, stand up, clap for yourself and shout aloud — “I am special!”


Every human experiences me in some or the other form — every day. Either you’re vocal about me or you’ve subconsciously accepted my existence. Either I am an excuse for you to skip any activity that requires an effort or the prime reason your couch has a dent. Either your physical-self feels like a sack or you’ve touched base with the phenomena called ‘tiredness’ to embrace my presence. Whatever be the reason, 99.9% humans are yet to acknowledge the fact that even when you’re with me, your brain is absolutely functional and churns out an equal amount of energy exactly like when you’re active. In engineering language, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be converted from one form to another.

Please focus on the word energy here. What’s interesting here is humans do need a feasible level of energy (mental) to feel boredom. Hence your act of intending to do nothing is also sucking some calories. If to be explained in simple words — think about the difference between a static and a running car. In both the cases, there is an effective utilization of fuel. For the smarter ones who’d challenge this example stating, “What if the car’s static with it’s engine off?”… Well, you genius! That’d be termed sleeping in this reference.

Boredom isn’t a blank state of mind. It’s when you have trouble in being attentive towards an undesired action. And that’s absolutely normal for any living being on your planet. There are things you want to do and then there are activities you’re pushed to pursue. The latter introduce me to your lives.

Now, imagine if everything you do is exactly in line with everything you ever want to do. Will I exist? No! Right? If your brain was always active and aligned with your thoughts, I would be null and void for you. Let me quote a cliched line here, “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

If you’re excited 24x7 within your eco-system about something, no matter how tired you are, no matter how badly your muscles are cramped up, no matter how sleepless you are, no matter if you’re dying out of starvation — you’d still be virgin to the idea of boredom. And this is exactly how the biggest influencers and celebrated personalities in your world function. They are excited about something.

Excitement is a bitch. It kills me. Wait! It slaughters me. It ensures that I never ever hinder within a human’s thought process. They have a fancy heavy word for this in your world called ‘Motivation’. People who are motivated live in a parallel universe, with an active brain to a perfect routine. ‘This guy is sorted’ — the quintessential dialogue you love to describe a successful brain.

Does that mean only a few amongst you have the levy to feel motivated? Well, I shouldn’t answer this. If you’re normal and sane, you’d know it isn’t rocket science for you to be excited. It’s just a matter of acknowledging the right choices and following your gut. If you believe in something, just make your freaking world believe in it.

Breaking news: All of the #Gyaan mentioned above is not a path-breaking philosophical discovery. Every single human is well versed with this ideology. Every single human has that one inane desire to be someone, to do something. It’s about time that you start practicing it for real.

What’s really shocking here is even after knowing what gets you to yawn so many times a day, are you really doing anything about it? You still feel bulldozed to be in your cocoon. That should change, right? I’ve seen Krishnakant meticulously changing his lifestyle. I miss bugging this bugger at times, but c’mon I like it when he’s killing it out there! Living life to the fullest. I think even you should try finding a way out.

After all, I am boredom and I do not wish to love my existence.

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