I am an inbuilt earphone, I hate my existence.

Krishnakant Mishra
3 min readMar 28, 2021


Why did the creator of this universe build a pair of those abruptly shaped hearing aides within the human anatomy?

CASE 1 — To hear out the world around you? To feel the emotions of your fellow humans? To be in line with your worldly mandates? To soothe yourself with your favourite music? To listen to those words of wisdom? To sense the calm on your planet?

CASE 2 — To hear out the distinct opinions of the world around you? To feel the rants of disdain of your fellow humans? To be against building a strong worldly mandate? To agitate yourself with that platform of confusion? To listen to those words of despair? To sense the noise on your planet?

Now, even if I call out for you to choose your case, you’d shout aloud CASE 1. You’d be an intellectual masterpiece if you chose the latter because you’re out there to pacify and make this world a happy place — basically, you proactively chose CASE 2 to elevate your fellow humans to CASE 1. But, we ain’t discussing these godly humans.

Basically, my problem is beyond your choice, my problem is with what you’re left to choose from. And let’s face it, as we head towards the mid 21st century, as much as we don’t want and wish to, our ears are prominently intercepting CASE 2.

Ok, wait! I DO NOT mean that we’re all living it the wrong way. I ABSOLUTELY mean we’re all keeping ourselves vulnerable to a lot of things that might lead us to live the wrong way. And by that, I mean keeping our inbuilt earphones wide open to pretty much anything and everything around the world.

Now, for a second, think about how you use an earphone? You CHOOSE what you wish to hear and you strongly believe in what you hear. Right from music to videos to content to everything that creates a sound effect. What’s really prominent is that you ensure there’s a filter to your choice of content. A strong filter that roughly defines your personality as a whole, your behavioural traits, your likes and dislikes. Not to forget, you’re also cautious in terms of what you would perceive through those earphones basis the time you own. So, beyond a filter to that content, you also prioritise your time investment.

Now, if you draw a parallel with your inbuilt earphones, your ears, you’d realise how easy it is to CHOOSE from what you wish to hear and also strongly believe in them. It ain’t difficult also to filter with your choice of content and of course the time quotient that prioritises it.

Ideally, we’re active for 12–14 hours a day when we interact with the world. Just imagine, if our time priority and filters are set, by the end of every single day, what you’d always perceive is CASE 1.

And by just mentioning this premise, I made the most common error on your planet — I just released an idealistic #Gyaan. You see, even this falls in CASE 2. How can I teach and preach you to adhere to an ideology which I haven’t yet mastered? Why would you even think about adopting this theory when you claim in a social forum that ‘I am fine/in love with my life!’? And you ain’t thinking wrong. But there is just too much of this floating around your universe, that might confuse you to think beyond what wrong could be…

The point being, make those ears work in real life like when you put on those earphones. Just believe that there’s one always plugged into your ears. Just feel that you always have a choice to pause, stop, play and hear what you’re interested in. Just be open to learning everything that’ll make you a better human being, whatever you think is right, whatever you believe is your belief, just try and act that only these reach your ears. Your neurones would be so so so happy and calm and so offloaded. Your everything (I really fail to define this) would be so much aligned for you to be positive in specific and your world to be a happy place in general.

After all, I am an inbuilt earphone and I do not wish to hate my existence.



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