I am a pothole, I love my existence.

I am a pothole, the one that causes an uncontrollable momentary tremor within a human body beyond a masseur/masseuse’s effort. I am always cursed over my existence. Nobody ever said, “Hey, that pothole’s amazing/cute/strong/curvy/handsome/good looking!” All I’ve ever heard is, “When would I be filled?” In other words — Die. Not that I want to live in this world. At times I question my existence as you do on a bad hair/weather/traffic/luck day.

Let me tell you how I was born…

My roots are weak. My folks are those loosely held pieces of Tar who lack nourishment when they are stationed to make way for you — humans. I am born over a weak relationship, let’s not get into who arranged these marriages or hooked them up. The guardians of this galaxy get enough attention every time I am filled with water. And forget weak relationships, I’ve heard humans do have a way out, with time and hurdles to find solutions and ‘make it work’. But hurdles? I am sure you can tackle them when you have enough space & time to tackle them. Here, for me, hurdles are beyond what hurdles actually could be. Before I am conceived, my folks have to bear an average pressure of 10 wheels per minute, the pressure quotient from those wheels differ from thin to fat ones. I’ve also heard people talking about these wheels carrying excess weight than what they are permitted to? Does anybody talk about that? Nobody talks about the amount of pressure my folks go through. And out of nowhere, while this pressure situation continues to be adamant, I am born!

You know, it’s funny, but my growth actually depends on the number of wheels that run over me. Constantly tortured, which nobody sees though, I happen to grow with an abrupt shape. Yeah! my geometrical layout is a bit weird. They have over-arching metrics to describe me. Oh! btw, they call me ‘Gaddha’. I kinda like the name but hate the fact that they just have one name for the entire community. How about I call you all ‘Insaan’, unfair right? Well, they do use some prefixes though, like bada, chota, ganda, bhayankar, harami et cetera. I don’t really know what they mean, just feel it’s not in that good spirit.

I have visitors quite often. I don’t like that expression when they look at me! But that’s a sign of vacation for me. They’d come, they’d scrutinize me, point fingers, make weird expressions (not in a good way). They’d fill me up but I know I’d be back soon. I can’t just die with new loosely tied folks on me. You ain’t doing anything about those wheels, those pressures, are you? Anyways, I don’t react when these people visit me. They don’t look in the best of their spirits, always dressed in similar colors, fatigue on their faces, actually call it expressionless, they also don’t seem happy with their work but filling me up helps them get some ‘Dihadi’. I’ve heard this word, the only time they laugh/smile around me. I like it, even if I have to sacrifice myself for this. And I sacrifice not because I am kind-hearted or anything, but I am sure for the fact they’ll have to visit me soon, again :p

I have a huge family. We all ‘gaddhas’ are spread across wherever there’s land. Though we hardly maintain a relationship within ourselves. Everything’s personal, no two ‘gaddhas’ would ever jam over anything. But together we enjoy this level of attention, you can never ever imagine.

I’ve heard you guys constantly talk/celebrate about a few extra-ordinary people within your world, their deeds. I love it when we all share an equal level of attention within this spectrum. Newspapers, news channels, internet articles, we are just all over the place. And trust me not once or twice but throughout. Our peak is when there’s persistent water-dropping by the sky. That specifically is our breeding season, and that’s when a lot of these visitors come to see us.

Some of us within the family has gained a lot of fame, like the ones who are placed near media hubs or the ones who stand exactly in the centre of a highway. You can’t imagine the kind of pressure this one goes through. Well! Personally, once, I’ve also made it to the newspaper for straight 20 days in a row. Like even a couple of well-dressed humans with video cameras visited me a couple of times until the ‘Dihadi’ guys sent me back on a vacation.

You all live in the world of nationalism, socialism, capitalism, spiritualism and more ism’s but you know subconsciously there’s are also potholism or gaddhism (choose one). We are so much a part of your life.

The moment you’re on road, you meet us. The longer you go, the more you’d see us and the more wheels you own, the wider we grow!

I’d say why put so much pressure ONLY on the people who timely come to visit us? Isn’t there anything you could do personally? I think, there’s something that can be done.

Currently, all you do is talk about me on your social media handles. Occasionally, I’ve seen a few clicking pictures of me through various angles. But it’s tough you know, neither can I smile, nor give an interview. I so want to describe the ‘pressure of wheels’ that I go through, but I just can’t :(

After all, I am a pothole. Trust me, I do not wish to love my existence.



Content Curator. Farmland Nomad. Pub Quiz Master. Colloquial Author.

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Krishnakant Mishra

Content Curator. Farmland Nomad. Pub Quiz Master. Colloquial Author.