I am a perception, I hate my existence.

Krishnakant Mishra
4 min readMar 14, 2021

Starting now, the left will be right, and the right will be straight. Marriages will not be made in heaven. Newspapers will be delivered every evening. Bathing as a routine will be toxic. The red traffic light will be green and vice-a-versa. Samosas will be the healthiest edible option available. Coffee will make you sleepy. Watching Netflix every day will be mandatory. Bitching about people will be auspicious. Laziness is a trait that will debut in every resume’s achievement section. Wearing your shoes and sleeping will make your mind sharper…

Now, just check all of the above, you may term some of them as ‘absurd’. But, If I was recognized, an elite in this world, *drum rolls* I just introduced a series of perceptions.

My problem ain’t with the perception that’s build over solid research, excessive experiments judging the repercussions on human behavioral dynamics et cetera. My problem is with perceptions that are just built over because somebody/a group of people thought so that it would be right.

It hardly takes seconds/minutes/hours/not weeks for perception to become a reality. An unsaid truth that’ll reach the corners of this planet as a mandate or as a genuine way of life. Everything that we live with is a perception. Ok! Let’s make it more philosophical — Everything that we communicate with our senses to the world is a perception. This bugger’s writing this piece because his brain perceives this as one of the strongest mediums to reach out to the world. Maybe the world reads it, maybe just 2 people read it — One him and the other… (let’s not get there :p) — Point being, he picked up from the world around him that something like this exists and hence started practicing the same. Similarly, your brain’s active enough to scout every molecule around you.

You judge things and subsequently build a perception.

Focus on that word — Judge. Apart from that classic dictionary meaning, humans judge the world around them. Your senses are programmed to perceive, analyze, and react towards everything around you. Do you realize even you’re equally responsible about setting up rules on this planet? Things you say, things you believe in, things you expect from the world — it’s all building the very civilization that we live in.

And with this comes a heavy responsibility, such that it becomes so so so important for us to defer between the good, the bad, the right, the wrong. In fact, even these are just jargons that let you believe in a certain direction.

All that I mean for you is to perceive, analyze and react towards things that’ll be more constructive towards your well-being and for the larger good of the world you live in. No matter there might be a difference of opinion, your right might be wrong to the world and vice-a-versa. What’s more important is to maintain the legitimacy of your perception that contributes towards peace and harmony of the very world you live in.

Pick out history books and see how perceptions have shaped your society, your world. The same place where you’ll wake up tomorrow to start a fresh week. By the way, why the ‘fresh week’ funda? Why can’t you operate 20 days a month and 10 days off? See there? Every single thing you follow in reality is a perception built by someone, somewhere & at some time in the world. Of course, the above example makes sense because you work 5/6 days a week and then take a day off. Hence, it was a sensible reality to opt for. But, on the flip side think of those perceptions that were made and the realities you hate that were made out of them. And more alarmingly, the perceptions you’re building every day for yourself will be a reality sooner than you think.

So, What to do?

I’d say nothing. And I say nothing because you can’t subconsciously control this process. There are more than 1000 things you perceive on an average every day and you don’t have a microprocessor fit in your head to robotically act as per a certain defined logic. But, what you really can do is process these perceptions in a much smarter way. Think about that premise before you land on a conclusion. Think about the larger good of the world you live in, the way everybody could live in peace, and something that makes your world a happy place to be in.

After all, I am perception and I do wish to hate my existence.



Krishnakant Mishra

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